Today I went upon my expedition to  the scorching desert, to find the infamous scarlet eye. Although it was a long, arduous journey, I saw a great many of wonderful ancient ruins. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the fabled pyramids. However, I do believe I have made a grave mistake by entering the long-gone pharaoh's tomb. Only time will tell what consequences will come out of this experience.


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TagsBitsy, desert, Exploration, Pixel Art, pyramid, ruins

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Great zoom in the pyramids

hey sorry to post off topic here, but do you have an email address (or twitter or discord) where i could send you a message asking about your bitsy games? thank you!

Sure, no problem. You can email me here:

Oooh love this! I really like how there's practically no dialogue, I got to make my own narrative as I was going. The colours are beautiful.

Beautiful art.