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this is so good! I really liked the onion secret! thank you for making this!  <3<3<3

Clean aesthetic, puzzles that reward exploration, very nice addition of secrets which assure you'll find something interesting around every corner.

Really enjoyed this game. :)

Puzzle idea is good 

I like how well you used the limited sources of the editor. The portal puzzles and secrets are very original!


Great visuals with perfect colors, I like the style that uses static images.

I like how you made sidescrolling game in Bitsy, ladders work amazing. :)


this is so good!!!! this was so fun and all the secrets are so cool! and the puzzles!!!! omg i love the puzzles!!! i love how this looks so much!!


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Wow! This game is amazing! The puzzles were really well made and the art was great. Also, I liked the secrets that you added, I found three I think.

Thanks! There's three secrets, so you found all of them :)


This was fun! It really feels like an adventure with all the secrets and puzzles.


I like it, the graphics is charming!